Welcome to the website of the international philosophical journal Philosophia Reformata.

Philosophia Reformata was founded in 1935 by the Dutch philosophers Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven. Since its inception it has carried papers, critical studies and reviews that contribute to the on-going project of Christian Philosophy.The journal has its historical and intellectual background in the so-called neo-Calvinist movement that gained momentum through the work of the 19th century Dutch theologian, politician, university founder and publicist Dr. Abraham Kuyper. One basic idea in this movement is that the pursuit of philosophy is very often, if not always, shaped by religious or quasi-religious motivations--motivations that are often hidden from sight. Another basic idea in the movement is that the Christian faith makes a difference for doing philosophy, as it does for scholarship more generally. A further basic idea in the movement is that various kinds of laws govern our world--laws that jointly constitute a divinely created world order. These ideas have found their way into the philosophies of Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven as well as into numerous papers published in Philosophia Reformata. The journal initially accepted only papers in Dutch, later on it adopted a mixed policy; since 2010 it accepts only papers written in English.




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